Andie's Big Girl Bedroom & How She Adjusted...

Andie's Big Girl Room is here!

It was time for a revamp as I decorated her old nursery while she was still in my belly. PLUS we have just moved interstate so I had a whole new blank canvas to work with... OHHH YEAHHHHH GIRL!

I have used a lot of the same decor pieces as both Andie and I adore them so much and they have a special place in our hearts now.  


What I did buy to make this transformation was some new linen (which was my biggest investment), some pretty wall decals, a stylish rug to warm the room up from the timber floor boards, and the beautiful bed canopy (which is a miracle it's still up and unharmed from my raging almost two-year old aka Andie! haaa!).


Now, I hear you as I am typing, saying "get to the part how you got her to sleep in the damn bed, woman!!!"... ;)

Well.. Unfortunately I do not have any secrets or magical tips. I will be the first to admit that I have a child who loves her sleep (sorry, not sorry). She loves her routine of bath, bottle and bed. Oh and of course her damn dummy. That'll be another mission in itself trying to wean her off that!! Siggghhhhhhh!

Anyway, I do believe that moving house did have a lot to do with how well she adjusted to her bed. I think she would have really struggled going straight from her cot to a bed if we had stayed in the one environment. Thankfully, moving house just so happened to align with the time we wanted to change her to a bed.

Now this definitely doesn't mean that we haven't had nights of putting her back in her bed 50 times before she falls asleep. Nights were she is ripping off the book shelves and peeling off the wall decals instead of going to bed. BUT! We are consistent. If we say we are going to do something, we follow through with it. I think this is a very important part of parenting and it has allowed Andie to understand that when we say something, we do mean it. 

It takes time. Every now and again, Andie will have a bad night and I will end up putting her in her cot, feeling like she has won the battle. But I wake up the next day and try all over again. And I think we are finally getting there (just you wait... now I have totally jinxed myself and you will see an absolute shit storm on my stories tomorrow night! Haha!!).

So with all of that said, the only advice I really have for anyone wanting to make the transition for their kids is.... routine! routine! routine! And being firm and sticking to your guns (kids are smart. And I'm pretty sure they can smell the fear in you!). But when I mention "routine", I am not talking about the kind of routine where you never go out and enjoy yourself, or you don't continue to live your lives. We are often out for dinner, or I have to run an errand when it's her nap time. But for the most part, we live by routine. And that's what works for us! <3

If you would like information on where products are from....

Details are below:

Andie & Ollie 
Wooden accordion rack & natural timber shelving

The Whimsical Wall
Deer personalised print

Folk of Oli
Both hats and rattan bag

Jem Creative
Peony print

Wooden wall plaque

Peppermint Tree Creations
Heart cushion

Olli Ella
Wicker basket & pram

Willow Soy
Round wall hanging

So Beau Designs
Personalised Name Trainer

Bed linen and ottoman

Ballerina doll

Simple Shapes 
Peony wall decals

Rugs of Beauty
Floor rug

The Tiny Little Dreamer
Tooth box

Noc Noc Wooden Toys
Wooden deers

Kirei Handmade
Felt Headband



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  • Lauren

    This room is stunning, I just love the colour palette you’ve gone with so much. Well done x

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